Pigmy Monkey Fetish

full front

                       Full Front View

 full side

                          Full Side View

back view

                       Back View

Half face

                                  Upper Face view

The monkey fetish is found in Cameroon West Africa. In ancient Africa fetishes were used mostly for healing ,protection and keeping law and order in the society.

One could move with it in the pockets or it could be kept in the house to protect the whole family from harm or diseases. Also it could be kept in the witch doctor°s shrine for making an oath.

Approximate dimensions: 29 cm (H) x 25 cm (W) x 20 cm (D)

Weight:  2 kg

Price: please send us an inquiry and we will answer as soon as possible

If you are in Uganda, you can view the products in our shops:

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Kampala: c/o Hidden Treasures
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