Kuba Pwoo Itok Goggle Eyed Mask

full mask
                  Full Front View


side full
                    Full side view


full back
                 Full Back View


 fore head
                     Upper View


       Lower Chin View


upper side
                Upper Side View



This face mask belongs to the category of Pwoo Itok and Isheen Maal masks of the Kuba-Ngeende. It shows features of: a protruding forehead, cone eyes surrounded by holes. Multiple holes in the surrounding areas of the eyes that evoke the chameleon which can see in all directions. The face has a large triangular nose

This Ngeende group claims to have descended from Ishweemy, one of the nine sons of Woot, the primordial founder of the Kuba Kingdom. They are of a special importance to the Kuba Kingdom and designated as the holders of the Kuba official charms, Muyum, and they send representatives to the Kuba-Bushoong court. The Ngeende live in small villages led by chiefs who rule with the council of elders. Understandably, their art has many congruities with the art of the Kuba-Bushoong, the Ngoongo, the Kete, and all of them produce masks. The Ngeende masks tell the story of Woot and other important characters in the foundation of Kuba kingdom.

Such masks were used as a dancing mask during the initiation of young men and among the Bushoong it was worn by members of the Batende, a secret regulatory society which had among its duties the apprehension of criminals

Approximate dimensions: 63cm (H) x 28cm (W) x 35cm (D)

Weight: 2kg

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